Topcon QS3A Quick Station Robotic Total Station

Up for sale Topcon QS3A 3” Quick Station Robotic Total Station with Trimble TSC3 controller and Topcon RC-4R 2.4GHz Remote Control.


Sell used Topcon QS3A 3” Quick Station Robotic Total Station. This has all been tested and is working great. The Topcon QS3A has TopSURV 8.2 installed on-board. The TSC3 has Survey Pro 6.7 with the STD, Pro, GNSS and Robotic modules enabled.

Topcon QS3A includes:

  • Topcon QS3A 3” Quick Station unit
  • Trimble TSC3 controller
  • Topcon RC-4R 2.4GHz Remote Control
  • 2x Battery for Topcon QS3A
  • 1x Battery for RC-4R remot
  • Dual charger
  • Transport case

In addition, the QS features XTRAC8, a superior technology solution for reliable prism tracking. Employing entirely new optics, laser system, along with advanced algorithms, XTRAC8 provides the QS Series with unsurpassed ability to keep tracking a moving prism even under in the most challenging of environments.

Available in 1, 3, and 5 second angle accuracies, you can select the instrument that best fits your requirements. All QS Series robotic systems offer reflectorless measurement superior to any other instrument available. The Class 1 laser is able to measure to difficult objects such as wet roads or dark surfaces, and is capable of precision measurements at a mind-boggling 2 kilometres.

Now even faster 2000m Reflectorless EDM Technology

  • Most powerful reflectorless EDM available
  • Measure reflectorlessly to almost anything at 350 meters
  • Long range power means unsurpassed
  • short range performance
  • Pinpoint accuracy with narrow, focused beam

Integrated Radio System

  • 2.4 GHz Interference free Spread Spectrum Radio
  • Integrated into side panel of the instrument
  • RC-4R includes built-in radio module
  • New system design extends operationalrange over 20%
  • Open Controller Strategy


Topcon QS3A Spesification

Processor Intel XScale PXA225 400MHz
Display 3.5 inch TFT color LCD, Touch Screen
Operating System Microsoft Windows CE.NET 4.2
Removable Memory Device CF Card / USB Flash Memory
Interface USB 1.1 Type Mini-B for ActiveSync / Type A for USB Memory / RS-232C
Bluetooth Unit Ver. 1.2, Class 2
Radio Spread Spectrum Radio, Communication Range: approx. 1,000m
Minimum Reading 1” / 5” (0.2/1mgon)
Accuracy 3” (1mgon)
Tilt Compensation Dual Axis, Compensation Range: ±6’
Rotating Speed/Tracking Speed Max. 85°/sec / Max. 15°/sec
Tracking Range
  • Prism Type: 2 > 1,000m
  • A7 360° Prism: > 600m
  • Auto collimation accuracy: 1.2mm at 100m
Dust/Water Protection IP54 (IEC 6029
Operating Temperature –20°C to +50°C
System Configuration RC-4R Remote and RC-4H Handle Unit
Quick-Lock Range
  • Distance: 400m
  • Angle (H&V): ±10° / ±4°
Data Communication (RC-4R Remote) Spread Spectrum Radio / Bluetooth Ver. 1.2 Class 2 / RS-232C