Topcon GPT-9003A Robotic Total Station

Topcon GPT-9003A robotic total station + FC-2500, The FC-2500 has TopSURV Software installed

Topcon GPT-9003A robotic total station + FC-2500, The FC-2500 has TopSURV Software installed

Sale Includes:

  • 1x Topcon GPT-9003A  Topcon 60428 GPT-9003A (3 sec.) Servo Reflectorless Total Station with Auto Tracking
  • 1x 60758 FC-2500 Controller with TopSURV Robotics /Radio Robotic Kit.
  • 1x 60434 RS-1 Radio
  • 1x 60430 RC3 System
  • 1x 60702 A7R 360 degree prism
  • 1x 60742 Pole Clamp
  • 1x 60743 FC-2500 Cradle
  • 1x 60218 Robotic Prism Pole
  • 1x 59010 TP-10 Tripod
  • 2x Batteries
  • 1x Manuals
  • 1x Hard shell case for Data collector

This instrument is in absolutely immaculate condition and has been calibrated. If your company does a lot of stake out or topo, this is the instrument for you.

To achieve peak performance have an instrument person with your rod person slamming hubs and writing on the lathe production could not get any faster

The good news is too...when you rodman does show up to work because he is hung-over you can still get production out of your instrument person Whether you are doubling your production or saving money in labor hours robotic instruments have earned their way in the survey and construction market.

X-TRAC 7 and TopSURV 7.2

  • TopSURV 7 added and adapted to the new commands created in the new X-TRAC 7 instrument firmware.
  • X-TRAC 7 is a true system wide enhancement.
  • Added RC-3 Remote High/Low power switching by manual selection.
  • Added automatic High/Low power switching based on RC-3 remote signal strength.
  • Added decision logic to prevent frequent switching of RC-3 remote between High and Low.
  • Added RC-3 Handle status command support, alerts user if RC-3 remote is not aimed closely enough toward the instrument.
  • Added ability to confirm firmware versions on the instrument, so all TopSURV 7.2 Field Controllers will be backward compatible to older, non-X-TRAC 7 instruments.
  • Reduced QLock command sequence by 3 seconds.