Topcon HiPer Pro GPS Base Rover

Topcon HiPer Pro GPS Base Rover for sale with Glonass and TDS ranger set


Used in excellent condition Topcon HiPer Pro GPS Base Rover Complete set with Glonass and TDS ranger with Survey Pro, have been inspected, cleaned, and 12 months certificates of calibration

System are used but still in very excellent condition, has been service and calibrated by the Topcon authorize technician, set up to be ready to work out the box

Package includes;

  • 1x HiPer Pro RTK Base with antenna
  • 1x HiPer Pro RTK Rover with antenna
  • 1x Tribrach with adapter
  • 2x charging units for base and rover with cabling
  • 1x TDS ranger with blue tooth and survey Pro software
  • 1x data cable with 9 pin
  • 1x carbon fiber pole
  • 1x hard shell caring case
  • 1x operators manual

Topcon HiPer Pro

The revolutionary HiPer Pro integrated GPS+ receiver/antenna joins the successful HiPer lineup, bringing wireless technology and a long range UHF radio system for ultimate convenience. The HiPer Pro provides the completely cable-free system design and operational advantages, with the added benefit of extended working range. With completely cable free; no more cables to break and no more wasted time with difficult base receiver setups. Just 5 components in one compact carrying case, a tripod and pole. That’s all you need.


  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Dual frequency, dual-constellation RTK GPS+ tracking
  • 24 GPS + 11 GLONASS Satellites
  • Fully integrated receiver/antenna
  • Integrated Bluetooth communication
  • Long range UHF radio – Up to 4mi. coverage
  • Topsurv software - One Controller Software for All
  • Totally cable free solution

The HiPer Pro utilizes advanced Bluetooth wireless technology to give you a system free of the messy cables found at many base stations. No more hassles of dealing with tangled, fragile cables from external batteries, antennas, and RTK adios because the wireless HiPer Pro provides a complete, integrated RTK GPS system! With HiPer Pro, there's less equipment to carry into the field, and less to forget back at the office. It doesn't get any easier!

In addition to the long range and wireless technology of the HiPer Pro, it also incorporates Topcon's industry-leading GPS+GLONASS satellite tracking echnolgy. That means more satellite coverage, increased performance, and improved precision over GPS-only systems! No more waiting, worrying and wasting time for satellite coverage.