Topcon Hiper II Glonass UHF Dual Base Rover

For sale Topcon Hiper II Glonass UHF Dual Base Rover, complete set with Topcon FC-2500 Data Collector


For sale Topcon Hiper II Glonass UHF Dual Base Rover, complete set with Topcon FC-2500 Data Collector

This sale includes complete set:

  • 2X Topcon Hiper II GPS RTK GLONASS UHF
  • 1X Topcon FC-2500 Data Collector with TOPSURV 7
  • 2X Charger for two batteries for Hyper II model CDC68
  • 1X Communication cable RS-232
  • 4X Battery Li-ion rechargeable removable model BDC58
  • 1X Hard case for transport
  • 1X Key Software Topcon Tools - Hardlock
  • 1X CD containing software Topcon Tools, Topcon Link, PCCDU, TRU, and other manual configuration software
  • 1X Topcon tribrach (with extender and forced centering pin)
  • 2X South extendable baton brand model NLS-11 2.50 m
  • 2X Bipod extendable baton for Brand South CSR2 model
  • 1X Aluminum tripod brand-South model ATS1 HT

Topcon HiPer II, a dual-frequency, fully customizable GPS+GLONASS receiver

The new HiPer II receiver is designed on clear-cut concepts: smaller, lighter, faster, and more affordable. Three wireless technologies such as UHF radio, cellular modem and Bluetooth wireless modem can be integrated into compact and water-tight magnesium alloy housing. Despite the increased functionality and durability, the receiver’s weight is reduced by 20 percent compared to the former models

The newly incorporated multi-lingual voice messages notify the users of critical receiver information such as satellite signal interruption, radio interference, low battery, low memory and other status necessary for GNSS observation.

Integrated wireless technologies, reduced weight and new voice messages provide dramatic enhancement in agility and reliability of RTK and network RTK rover systems. Receiving and transmitting capability of an internal radio offers completely cable-free solution even when the HiPer II is used as an RTK base receiver. In addition, the HiPer II system features fully customizable functionality as well as a wide variety of options. Our customers have the maximum flexibility to tailor the HiPer II system to their own requirement

The HiPer II features include:

  • Choice of static, RTK and/or network RTK system
  • Choice of GPS or GPS+GLONASS signal tracking
  • Choice of L1 or L1/L2 signal tracking
  • Standard SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS) signal tracking
  • Choice of internal UHF radio or digital UHF radio
  • Choice of GSM or CDMA cellular modem
  • Choice of SD or SDHC memory card
  • Standard Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Voice messages
  • Removable Li-ion battery
  • Single-button operation
  • 22 LED status indicators
  • IP67 dust and water protection

Topcon HiPer II Specifications:

  • Tracking Capability
    • Number of channels: 72 Universal Channels
    • Tracked signals
      • GPS: L1 CA, L1/L2 P-code, L2C
      • GLONASS: L1/L2 CA, L1/L2 P-code
  • Positioning accuracy
    • Static     
      • L1+L2 H: 3mm + 0.5ppm V: 5mm + 0.5ppm
      • L1 only: H: 3mm + 0.8ppm V: 4mm + 1ppm
    • Fast static: L1+L2 H: 3mm + 0.5ppm V: 5mm +0.5ppm
    • Kinematic: L1+L2 H: 10mm + 1ppm V: 15mm + 1ppm
    • RTK: L1+L2 H: 10mm + 1ppm V: 15mm +1ppm
    • DGPS: <0.5m
  • User Interface
    • Operation: Single-button operation for power, receiver rest, memory initialization
    • Display panel: 22 LED status indicators
    • Voice navigation: Multi-lingual voice messages for receiver status information
  • Data management
    • Bluetooth modem: V.1.1, Class 1, 115,200bps
    • Radio: Internal, receiver (RX) and transmitter (TX), 410 to 470MHz
    • Cellular modem: Internal, GSM or CDMA
  • Environmental
    • Dust and water protection: IP67 (IEC 60529:2001) at claosing all connector caps. Protected against temporary immersion up to 1m(3.3 ft) depth.
    • Shock: 2m (6.56 ft) pole drop
  • Operating temperature
    • Hiper II receiver: -40 to +65 C (-40 to +149F)
    • BDC58 Battery: -20 to +65 C (-4 to +149F)
    • Radio/ceullar modem: -20 to +55C (-4 to +131 F)
    • Storage temperature:  -45 to +70C (-49 to +158F)
    • Humidity     100% condensing
  • Physical
    • Enclosure: Magnesium alloy housing
    • Size: Dia. 184 x H 95mm (dia. 7.24 H x 3.74 in.)
    • Weight
      • Hiper II Receiver 1.1kg (2.43 lb.)
      • BDC58 Battery: 195g (6.9 oz.)
      • Internal modems: 115 to 230g (4.1 to 8.2 oz.), dpeneding on modem specifications
  • Power Supply
    • Standard battery: Removable, Li-ion rechareable battery, 7.2V, 4.3 aH
    • Operating time at 20C: > 7.5 hours in static mode w/ Bluetooth connection