Prodim Proliner 8 2D 3D Templating Machine

For sale Prodim Proliner 8 2D 3D Templating Machine, includes everything show on picture


Prodim Proliner 8 2D 3D Templating Machine for sale includes everything show on picture

Prodim Proliner 8 Series 2D and 3D models are its most advanced measuring devices. The machine’s weight is only 18.7 pounds (8.5 kg), and the measuring head can be folded into the machine for optimal protection during travel. A socket connection, as well as the possibility to use rechargeable batteries, provides optimal flexibility. The machine has a USB port, so results can be downloaded onto a laptop or USB stick, and the digitizing processing can be started immediately.

The software platform of the Proliner 8-Series is very extensive and offers a variety of possibilities. It has extensive integrated CAD software, so users can complete the drawings on the jobsite and prepare for production

The Proliner 8 Series can measure up to 45.9 feet (14 m). With the integrated Leapfrog software, larger surfaces can be measured. Although the model is small and compact, it has ample extra storage space. It is possible to carry two spare batteries, a digital camera and other add-ons, with space for additional other items

The design of the Proliner 8 Series is advanced in functionality and aesthetics. It has been made to provide maximum comfort, stability and durability. The 8.4-inch touch-screen makes the Proliner 8 Series very user friendly

The integrated speakers enable the user to adjust the beep-volume, which makes it suitable for noisy working environments. A LED light indicates the status of the battery

With all Proliners, there is no need for leveling the unit. The Proliner 3D offers both two-dimensional and three-dimensional files, while the Proliner 2D only offers two-dimensional results