Hilti X-Scan PS 1000 Concrete Scanner with Tablet PSA 200

Used Hilti X-Scan PS 1000 / Tablet PSA 200 Concrete Scanner/Analyzer, GPR NDT Rebar Geosurvey. Tested and everything works perfectly come with 6 Month Warranty and 30 Day Return.


The Hilti X-Scan PS 1000 can detect reinforcing bars, pre- and post-tensioning cables, metal pipes, plastic pipes, electric cables and glass-fiber cables in next to no time – even over large concrete areas. Scan results are presented on the X-Scan display for immediate analysis or can be transferred to the Tablet PSA 200 for further evaluation. Thanks to its ease of operation, on-site handling and the easily interpretable 3D images of concealed objects it produces, the Hilti X-Scan PS 1000 takes non-destructive structural inspection into a new era.

Package includes:

  • 1x Hilti PS 1000 Unit (Last calibrated 2022)
  • 2x Lithium Ion Battery for PS 1000
  • 1x Charger and AC Cable for PS 1000
  • 1x PSA-200 tablet with case
  • 1x Charger for PSA-200
  • 1x SD memory card
  • 2x Memory sticks
  • 5x Reference grid
  • 1x USB to Lemo cable (2 m)
  • 1x Hard Transport Case

Features and Benefits

  • Locating reinforcing bars
  • Locating pre- and post-tensioning tendon
  • Locating cavitie
  • Locating plastic pipes and electric cables
  • Detecting objects in multiple layers
  • Estimating wall and slab thicknes
  • Import to PROFIS Anchor
  • Import to 3D model software, e.g. AutoCAD, SketchUP


  • Locating rebars, tendons, metal and plastic conduits, glass-fibre cables, voids and wood in dry concrete structures at depths of up to 300 mm
  • Minimising hitting concealed objects when drilling anchor holes or through holes, breaking out openings and in diamond coring and sawing work
  • Rebar extension (post-installed rebar connections) in structural applications
  • Inspection of floors, decks, slabs, balconies, etc. in structures such as tunnels, bridges and buildings
  • Detection of voids and cavities


  • Locates objects of various kinds in concrete structures, even beneath reinforcing mesh
  • Displays a clear, real-time 2D image directly on the Hilti PS 1000 display
  • Displays 2D and 3D plan view or cross-sectional images in color on the Tablet PSA 200 for further on-the-spot evaluation of the data or printing

Performance data

Maximum detection range Up to 12 in (300 mm); PS 1000: up to 18 in (450 mm) in RAW Data view
Localization accuracy ± 7/16 in (± 10 mm)
Depth measurement accuracy ± 7/16 in (± 10 mm)
IP protection class IP 54 as per IEC 529 std
Operating temperature range 14 to 122°F (–10 to + 50°C)
Scanner Battery life 4 hours
Tablet Battery life 5 hours
Scanner Dimensions 12.5 x 7.5 x 5.6 in
Scanner Weight 5.5 lbs
Tablet Dimensions 11.5 x 8.2 x 2.6 in
Tablet Weight 5 lbs