Leica TCRP1203 R300 Robotic Total Station

Leica TCRP1203 R300 3” Robotic Total Station Package including a Juniper Allegro CE Radio Field Controller with Leica Radio Pod and Carlson SurvCE Complete v1.67 Software

Used 2007 Leica TCR1203 R300 3” Robotic Total Station + Juniper Systems Allegro CE Field Controller with integrated Leica radio running and Carlson SurvCE Complete v1.67 Software (Total Station, Robotic, GPS, Roading modules) with one-man robotic accessories.

This package includes everything ready to work:

  • (1x) 737469 Leica TCRP1203 R300 3” Robotic Total Station with PowerSearch and ATR
  • (1x) Upgrade to Leica SmartWorx firmware v8.0 (Leica's current version)
  • (1x) 748888 Leica GDF111-1 Tribrach
  • (1x) 712129 Leica Integrated Laser Plummet
  • (1x) 772301 Leica TCPS28B External Radio (New)
  • (1x) 727367 Leica GEB171 Li-ION Battery; operating time 24 hours
  • (1x) 733271 Leica GKL221 Pro Charger
  • (2x) 743000 Leica GTS22 Monochrome Touchscreen Keyboard
  • (1x) SanDisk 32MB Removable Compact Flash Card
  • (1x) 385500 Leica GLS11 Aluminum Prism Pole
  • (1x) 639985 Leica GRZ4 360 degree Prism
  • (1x) 733267 Leica Carrying Case
  • (1x) Rain Cover and Telescope Shade
  • (1x) Leica Instrument Manual
  • (1x) Juniper Allegro CE Field Controller with Integrated Radio, monochrome display
  • (1x) Replacement rechargeable battery (tested OK) for Allegro, plus charger
  • (1x) Carlson SurvCE v2.5 Complete Software (Robotics, Total Station, GPS, Roading modules enabled)
  • (1x) Seco 8212364 Allegro Pole Cradle
  • (1x) Seco 5198-052 Pole Cradle

Leica Total Station Features:

  • Leica TCRP1203 R300 3” with current licensed SmartWorx v8.0 firmware.
  • Manufactured 2007 Switzerland
  • Angular accuracy: 3”
  • Dual-axis electronic compensation
  • Magnification: 30x
  • Angle display resolution: 1”
  • IR EDM range: 3,000 m to single prism
  • IR Distance accuracy: 2 mm + 2 ppm
  • Reflectorless EDM range: 300 m (18% reflectivity); 500 m (90% reflectivity)
  • Reflectorless EDM accuracy: 3 mm + 2 ppm
  • Internal Memory: 10,000 points
  • Removable Compact Flash Card Slot
  • RS232 port communicates with most data collectors
  • Available in multiple languages (please specify)
  • PowerSearch prism tracking speed: 45° / s
  • Waterproof, dustproof IP54
  • Integrated Laser Plummet
  • Graphic Leveling Aid
  • 8 hour rechargable Li-ION Battery (7.4 V; 3.8 Ah)
  • Two large Alphanumeric keyboards with perfectly readable, high-contrast monochrome ¼ VGA LCD display
  • Fully robotic PowerSearch finds standard prisms within seconds at any location
  • Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) snaps to the center of the prism when pointed in general vicinity of prism

Juniper Allegro CE Features:

  • Rugged, Waterproof: Withstands 5 foot drop and 6 ft immersion test
  • Lightweight, Ergonomic Design: Easy to hold in hand
  • Processor: Intel StrongARM, 206 MHz
  • Secure Data: Data stored on secure solid state disk. PC memory cards can be used for additional storage
  • Large keyboard: Makes data entry fast and accurate
  • Rechargeable Battery: Long operating life
  • Large Display: ¼ VGA with non-glare touchscreen
  • Operating System: Windows CE 3.0
  • Communication Ports: Two standard RS-232 serial ports, USB, IR
  • Carlson SurvCE Complete v1.67 Software (Total Station, Robotic, Roading, GPS modules)
  • Leica Radio Pod for communication with Leica Robotic Total Station