Leica Viva TS12 P 5" R400 Robotic Total Station

Used 2012 Leica Viva TS12 P 5” Robotic Total Station for sale, Leica CS15 Data Collector, 360 Prism and Pole, Leica CS15 Data Collector


Used 2012 Leica TS12P 5” Robotic Total Station for sale, Leica SmartWorx Viva, Leica CS15 Data Collector, 360 Prism and Pole

Sale includes everything and ready to survey:

  • 791305    1x TS12 P 5” R400 - PowerSearch, Automatic Target Aiming, 1 Color Keyboard, Laser Plummet, GSD01 communication side cover, Standard
  • 667304    1x GDF121 Tribrach without Plummet
  • 394752    1x  GST20-9 Wooden Heavy Duty Tripod
  • 734752    1x  GKL211 Charger for GEB211 & GEB212 Batteries, car & net adapter cable
  • 773755    1x  GEV235-3 AC/DC Adapter UK Power Supply
  • 733270    2x  GEB221 Lithium-Ion battery, Internal, 4.4Ah Li-Ion
  • 733257    1x  MCF256 CompactFlash Card 256MB
  • 767866    1x  CS10 TPS/GNSS Field Controller with Internal TPS Radio Module & WLAN
  • 767874    1x  CBC01 Lemo Connector Module w/ Power Jack, Lemo (USB & Serial) & USB A
  • 767907    1x  SPF01 Anti-glare Display Foils for CS10 or CS15 Field Controller
  • 767910    1x  SmartWorx Viva LT Licence Key
  • 767879    1x  GHT62 Pole Holder Base Plate for CS10 and CS15 Field Controller
  • 767880    1x  GHT63 Clamp Arrangement for Attaching the GHT39/56/62 Holder to Poles
  • 772806    2x  GEB212 Li-Ion Battery, 7.4V / 2.6Ah, Chargeable
  • 772300    1x  RH15 Radio Handle with Integrated Modem
  • 767828    1x  GVP642 Hard Container for GS15 SmartAntenna & CS15/CS10
  • 754391    1x  GLS12 Aluminium SmartPole, Telescopic Snap-lock, CM
  • 639985    1x  GRZ4 360° Prism

Leica Viva TS12 Performance Robotic package sets a new standard. Everything you need is in one package to begin efficient surveying today. Leica Viva TS12 is packed with features, such as the unique PowerSearch sensor which finds prisms regardless of their location in seconds and the light weight Leica CS10 controller which provides secure wireless connectivity to the total station

PowerSearch finds reflectors within seconds no matter where they are. With PowerSearch activated, Leica Viva TPS rotates and sends out a vertical laser fan. As soon as the fan strikes a prism Leica Viva TPS stops rotating, ATR takes over and fine points – all fully automatically.
Use PowerSearch for the first ATR measurement or to find the reflector again if Automatic Target Tracking loses lock.

PowerSearch is particularly advantageous when operating with remote control.

  • Optional for Leica Viva TPS equipped with ATR
  • Activated at the touch of a key or automatically, if configured
  • Finds standard prisms (no need for active target)
  • Saves time, increases productivity
  • Highly recommended for fast, efficient one-man remote control