Leica TS30 0.5" R1000 Robotic Total Station

Up for sale Leica TS30 0.5” R1000 Monitoring Robotic Total Station in like new condition.


Precision Geosystems presents this beautiful Leica TS30 0.5” R1000 robot in like new condition. This is arguably one of Leica's most iconic instruments. Manufactured in 2012 and completely reconditioned in 2019. This instrument has a GeoCOM license and is ready to be paired with the data collector of your choice.

The Leica TS30 has reached new heights with its high accuracy and high performance, this is the ideal unit for projects that require the ultimate accuracy and reliability. For the unit to perform acceleration and speed without affecting its accuracy, Leica have installed Piezo technology to the TS30 which requires minimal maintenance. Combined with a Leica Controller this unit can be used when a one man operation is required.

0.5″ Angular Accuracy
Pinpoint EDM accuracy 0.6mm +1ppm to prism
Pinpoint EDM accuracy 2mm +2ppm to any Surface
Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) Accuracy

This kit includes:

  • TS30 0.5” R1000 Robotic Total Station
  • 256 MB CF card
  • GEB 242 Battery
  • Raincover
  • Lens Shade
  • Case Straps
  • UPN 370
  • Leica Hard Case