Used Creaform GOScan 50 3D Scanner

Selling used CREAFORM Go!SCAN 50, 3D Scanner GOSCAN50 CREAFORM. Condition is Used. This goscan 50 is in perfect working condition. Calibration is set and ready to scan.


CREAFORM Go!SCAN 50, 3D Scanner GOSCAN50 CREAFORM. Condition is Used.This goscan 50 is in perfect working condition. Calibration is set and ready to scan.The Go!SCAN 3D offers portable 3D scanning experience, providing fast and reliable measurements. With this handheld 3D scanner.Included is:- Creaform shock proof case- Scanner with all cables and power adapters- USB Drive with manual and software.

The Go!SCAN 3D  offers portable 3D scanning experience, providing fast and reliable measurements. With this handheld 3D scanner, you can even capture 3D data in full color.


  • Creaform GOScan 50 Scanner
  • Creaform shock proof case
  • Scanner with all cables and power adapters
  • USB Drive with manual and software


The HandySCAN 3DTM handheld scanners of new generation have been optimized to meet the needs of product development and engineering professionals on the lookout for the most effective and reliable way to acquire 3D measurements of physical objects.

The HandySCAN 3D scanner comes with VXelements, a fully integrated 3D software platform that powers our entire fleet of 3D scanning and measurement technologies. It gathers all the essential elements and tools into a user-friendly, simplified and sleek working environment. Its real-time visualization provides a simple, enjoyable scanning experience.

  • User-friendly interface: VXelements was designed to simplify the whole scanning process to its essential core, through a powerful and simple process.
  • Surface optimization algorithm: avoids the creation of multiple scan layers and ensures a more accurate mesh without any post-treatment
  • Direct mesh output: an optimized mesh can be exported in all standard formats, right as you complete acquisition. No complicated alignment or point cloud processing needed
  • No limitation to the scan resolution: you simply need to input a resolution value, independent from the size of the scaneed object. Resolution can be changed at any time before/after the scan.
  • Real-time visualization: the user can view the 3D surface as the object is being scanned
  • Scan results enhancement: hole filling smart decemition, boundary filters, etc.


MaxSHOT 3D™: Optical coordinate measuring system
To increase data accuracy through photogrammetry, you can use the MaxSHOT 3D optical coordinate measuring system with your HandySCAN 3D scanner for large-scale projects and parts. Based on a series of 2D photos, the MaxSHOT 3D makes it possible to quickly and easily generate a highly accurate positioning model of your part, which contributes to significantly increase 3D scan files accuracy.

VXmodelTM : Scan-to-CAD software module
VXmodel is a post-treatment software that directly integrates into VXelements and seamlessly allows to finalize 3D scan data for use directly in any CAD or 3D printing software. VXmodel provides the simplest and fastest path from 3D scans to your CAD or additive manufacturing workflow.

VXinspect™: Quality control software that takes it to the next level
VXinspect™ is an intuitive and powerful 3D inspection software designed for manufacturing companies conducting first article inspection (FAI) or quality control. Directly integrated into VXelements™, Creaform’s 3D software platform and application suite, VXinspect provides the simplest integration of probing, 3D scanning and photogrammetry measurements.

VXremoteTM : Remote access software application
VXremote improves your efficiency in the field by providing fast and easy remote access to VXelements. It offers quick activation and set-up and requires no hardware or server to install or maintain. You can have all its data acquisition functionalities at your fingertips... Available only with the Creaform Certified Rugged Tablet.



Measurement rate 550,000 measures /sec
Scanning area 380 x 380 mm
Light source White light (LED)
Resolution 0.500 mm
Accuracy Up to 0.100 mm
Volumetric accuracy 0.300 mm/m
Stand-off distance 400 mm
Depth of field 250 mm
Part size range (recommended) 0.3 – 3.0 m
Software VXelements
Output formats dae, .fbx, .ma, .obj, .ply, .stl, .txt, .wrl, .x3d, .x3dz, .zpr
Compatible software 3D Systems (Geomagic® Solutions), InnovMetric Software (PolyWorks), Dassault Systèmes (CATIA V5 and SolidWorks), PTC (Pro/ENGINEER), Siemens (NX and Solid Edge), Autodesk (Inventor, Alias, 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage).
Connection standard 1 x USB 2.0
Operating temperature range 15-40 °C
Operating humidity range (Non-condensing) 10-90%
Dimensions (LxWxH) 150 x 171 x 251 mm
Weight 950 g



Creaform GO!Scan 50 3D Scanner Data Sheet