Topcon GLS1500 Laser Scanner

Topcon GLS1500 Laser Scanner with Scanmaster Software License, Year 2010 lightly used in perfect working order condition, serviced and calibrated by Authorized Topcon


Topcon GLS-1500 for sale included Scanmaster Software License. Serviced and calibrated by Authorized Topcon, performed all upgraded, calibration certificate and ready to working order condition

Very lightly used year 2010 and everything still in perfect great used shape, no damage or scratch as it has been properly maintained and handled professionally well. Sake package includes;

  • 1X Topcon GLS1500 Laser Scanner with Scanmaster Software GLS 1500 1000
  • 8X battery packs (unit uses 4)
  • 4X battery chargers /with cords
  • 1X USB cord
  • 1X External battery cord (12v)
  • 3X target bracket with targets
  • 3X tribrachs and tribrach adpters
  • 3X aluminum tripods
  • 1X Scanmaster software License Dongle
  • 1X Hard case for unit

Precise Scan Technology

The GLS-1500 integrates pulse-based time of flight and phase-based technologies to achieve industry leading accuracy and ”clean” scan data

The GLS-1500 inherently has:

  • Less point cloud noise
  • The most consistent scanning accuracy
  • The ability to detail slight texture variations
  • Great results at ranges over 330 ft. (100m)

Small size, big performance

This robust scanner sends out a laser beam that captures data at 30,000 points per second at a range of 500 ft. (150m) to a typical surface, and with an extended range to 1100 ft. (330m) for more reflective surfaces. Unique to Topcon GLS-1500 is the mechanical ability to select from multiple lens arrays to control the laser beam. This provides consistent 0.16 in. (4mm) accuracy throughout the range from 3 ft. to 500 ft. (1m to 150m).

Feature packed...On-board Data Collection

The GLS-1500 has an on-board data collector with an LCD display and a 21-key keyboard. This gives the scanner the freedom to function as a stand-alone laser scanner with no connection to a computer

Eye-safe and Efficient

Use the GLS-1500 anywhere without worrying about damaging the eyes of a passersby. The GLS-1500 uses an invisible, Class 1, eye-safe laser. Scan near airports, busy traffic, and populated areas with no effect to the people or the environment. In addition, the use of a Class 1 invisible laser offers the benefit of low power consumption. With lower power consumption, the GLS-1500 can operate at longer times with fewer battery changes.

Built-in 2.0 Megapixel Digital Camera

Reduce the amount of equipment needed in the field with the GLS-1500's built-in 2.0 megapixel digital camera. Collect sharp and detailed images from the scanning location, or connect to a PC with ScanMaster software, and stream a live video feed of the jobsite to aid in scan setup and data acquisition

GLS-1500 3D laser scanner Manufacture specifications: