Riegl VZ-400 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Sell used Riegl VZ-400 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner with Online Waveform Processing.


Sell used Riegl VZ-400 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner. Total use is less than (10) days, all equipment in near perfect condition.

Package includes:


  • Riegl VZ-400 laser scanner (time of flight, up to 122,000 measurements/second or 600m (1960 feet) range, 5mm accuracy, 3 mm precision
  • TCP/IP Cable M12-M12, 3M
  • TCP/IP Cable M12-RJ45, 0.3M
  • Serial data and PPS cable to GPS Receiver, 3M
  • Power Supply Cable, 2POLE/7POLE, 3M
  • Adapter Cable, 1M from power supply cable to cigarette lighter plug
  • Adapter Cable, 1M from 7 pole supply cable with crocodile battery pole connectors
  • Tripod Adapter Plate
  • Riscan Pro Viewer, Acquisition & Processing Software
  • Scanner Carry Case


  • Nikon D700 12MP Camera -- top mount and calibrated for this scanner
  • Nikon Lens AF D 20mm 2.8 Nikkor
  • 5 GIG compact flash memory card
  • Lens Adapter & Protection Tube
  • High Precision Camera Mount (Detachable)
  • Carry case for camera, lenses, camera mount, cables and adapter


  • License RiSCAN PRO Plug-in Camera Module


  • (approx. 300) 50mm stick on targets and (12) 100mm cylinder targets


  • AC power supply unit
  • Manuals


The RIEGL VZ-400 V-Line® 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner provides high speed, non-contact data acquisition using a narrow infrared laser beam and a fast scanning mechanism. High-accuracy laser ranging is based upon RIEGL’s unique echo digitization and online waveform processing, which enables superior measurement performance even during adverse environmental conditions and provides multiple return capability.

  • High speed data acquisition
  • Wide field-of-view, configurable
  • High-accuracy, high-precision ranging based on echo digitization and online waveform processing
  • Multiple target capability
  • Superior measurement capability in adverse atmospheric conditions
  • High-precision mount for optional digital camera
  • Integrated inclination sensors and laser plummet
  • Integrated L1 GPS receiver with antenna
  • Interface for external GNSS receiver
  • Various interfaces (LAN, WLAN, USB 2.0)
  • Internal data storage

RIEGL VZ-400 Technical Data:

Range Performance

Laser Pulse Repetition Rate PRR (peak)
  • Long Range Mode: 100 kHz
  • High Speed Mode: 300 kHz
Effective Measurement Rate (meas./sec)
  • Long Range Mode: 42 000
  • High Speed Mode: 122 000
Max. Measurement Range
natural targets ≥ 90 %
  • Long Range Mode: 600 m
  • High Speed Mode: 350 m
Max. Measurement Range
natural targets ≥ 20 %
  • Long Range Mode: 280 m
  • High Speed Mode: 160 m
Max. Number of Targets per Pulse Practically unlimited
  • Accuracy: 5 mm
  • Precision: 3 mm
Minimum Range 1.5 m
Laser Wavelength Near infrared
Laser Beam Divergence 0.3 mrad
Scanner Performance
Scan Angle Range
  • Vertical (Line) Scan: Total 100° (+60° / -40°)
  • Horizontal (Frame) Scan: Max. 360°
Scanning Mechanism
  • Vertical (Line) Scan: Rotating multi-facet mirror
  • Horizontal (Frame) Scan: Rotating head
Scan Speed
  • Vertical (Line) Scan: 3 lines/sec to 120 lines/sec
  • Horizontal (Frame) Scan: 0°/sec to 60°/sec
Angular Step Width (vertical), (horizontal)
  • Vertical (Line) Scan: 0.0024° ≤ vertical ≤ 0.288° 9)
    Between consecutive laser shots
  • Horizontal (Frame) Scan: 0.0024° ≤ horizontal ≤ 0.5° 9)
    Between consecutive scan lines
Angle Measurement Resolution
  • Vertical (Line) Scan: Better 0.0005° (1.8 arcsec)
  • Horizontal (Frame) Scan: Better 0.0005° (1.8 arcsec
Inclination Sensors Integrated, for vertical scanner setup position
GPS Receiver Integrated, L1, with antenna
Internal Sync Timer Integrated, for real-time synchronized time stamping of scan data
Scan Sync (optional) Scanner rotation synchronization
General Technical Data
Power Supply Input Voltage 11 - 32 V DC
Power Consumption typ. 65 W (max. 80 W)
External Power Supply Op to three independent external power sources can be connected for uninterrupted operation
Humidity Max. 80 % non condensing @ +31°C
Protection Class IP64, dust-proof and splash-proof
Temperature Range
  • Storage: -10°C up to +50°C
  • Operation: 0°C up to +40°C: standard operation
  • Low Temperature Operation:
    • -20°C: continuous scanning operation if the instrument is powered on while internal temperature is at or above 0°C and still air.
    • -40°C: scanning operation for about 20 minutes if the instrument is powered on while internal temperature is at or above 15°C and still air.
Dimensions 180 x 308 mm
Weight Approx. 9.6 kg


The RIEGL VZ-400 is a very compact and lightweight surveying instrument, mountable in any orientation and even able to perform in limited space conditions.

Modes of Operation:

  • Stand-alone data acquisition without the need of a computer
  • basic configuration and control via built-in user interface
  • remote operation via RiSCAN PRO on a notebook, connected either via LAN interface or integrated WLAN • well-documented command interface for smooth integration into mobile laser scanning systems.
  • interfacing to post processing software

User Interfaces:

  • Integrated Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for stand-alone operation without a computer
  • High-resolution 3,5” TFT color display, 320 x 240 pixel, scratch resistant glass with anti-reflection coating and multi-lingual menu
  • Water and dirt resistant key pad with large buttons for instrument control
  • Speaker for audible status and operation communications

Key Features and Components

High Accuracy Performance
The 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner RIEGL VZ-400 provides scan data acquisition with 5 mm accuracy / 3 mm repeatability, a measurement range of up to 600 m, and an efficient measurement rate of up to 122,000 measurements/sec. The fully portable, rugged and robust instrument offers a wide field of view of 100° vertical and 360° horizontal, and uses an invisible laser beam for eye safe operation in Laser Class 1.

Waveform Data Output Option
The digitized echo signals, also known as waveform data, acquired by the RIEGL VZ-400 are the basis for waveform analysis. This data is provided by the optionally available waveform data output and accessible via the associated RIEGL software library RiWAVELib for investigations and research on multi target situations based on the digital waveform data samples of the target echoes.

Compatible Software Packages
The RIEGL VZ-400 is compatible with the RIEGL software package RiSCAN PRO for terrestrial laser scanning, RIEGL‘s interface library RiVLib, as well as the workflow-optimizing software packages, e.g. RiMINING. Combined with the one-touch workflow of the scanner, RIEGL‘s ultimate 3D scene capture solution, RiSOLVE, enables fully automatic registration and colorization of scan data.

Supported Registration Methods

  • Direct Geo-Referencing
    • Integrated GPS receiver (L1) connected
    • External high-end RTK GNSS receiver connected
    • Integrated compass, accuracy typ. 1° (one sigma value, available for vertical scanner setup position)
    • On-board inclination sensors (tilt range ±10°, accuracy typ. ±0.008°)
  • GNSS Traversing
    • GNSS position
    • On-board inclination sensors
    • Automatic acquisition of well known remote target (reflector)
  • Free Stationing
    • Fast fine scanning of reflectors for precise determination of scanner position using control points
  • Backsighting
    • Setup on well known point
    • On-board inclination sensors
    • Precise fine scanning of well known remote target (reflector)

Communication and Interfaces

  • LAN port 10/100/1000 MBit/sec within rotating head
  • LAN port 10/100 MBit/sec within base
  • Integrated WLAN interface with rod antenna
  • USB 2.0 for external storage devices (USB flash drives, external HDD)
  • USB 2.0 for connecting the optional digital camera
  • Connector for GPS antenna
  • Two ports for external power supply
  • Connector for external GPS synchronization pulse (1PPS)
  • Connector for external GNSS receiver

Scan Data Storage

  • Internal 32 GBytes flash memory (2 GBytes reserved for the operating system)
  • External storage devices (USB flash drives or external hard drives) via USB 2.0 interface