PARACOSM PX-80 Handheld 3D LiDAR Scanner

Up for sale PARACOSM PX-80 Handheld 3D LiDAR Scanner. Tested and good working condition.


Paracosm's PX-80 scanner is an innovative SLAM-based 3D mapping solution that incorporates LiDAR, color imagery, and IMU data to collect survey-quality points clouds quickly and accurately for a wide range of applications. PX-80 is compact, completely mobile, and capable of full 6-DoF positional tracking.

Mobile LiDAR scanning offers many advantages over aerial and conventional ground surveys, namely its flexibility, simplifield workflow, and rapid data collection. This non-invasive survey method may be used day or night, indoor, ourdoor, with an efficient acquisition rate of 300,000 points per second.

PX-80 has it's own internal processing software which runs our proprietary SLAM algorithms in the camera, IMU, and LiDAR data and stores the captured point clouds on device

Capture is the user interface for PX-80 which controls data collection, provides real-time scanning feedback, and post-processing options. The app connects to PX-80 via a local wireless network and does not need internet access to operate.

Windows Project Viewer Explore scans in street-view style throug high resolution spherical imagery. Visit your site remotely, record progress, and organize scans by date + location.



Laser type VLP-16, Class (Eye Safe)
FOV horizontal/vertical 360° x 30° (±15°)
Acquisition rate 300,000 pts/sec
Range 0.5m-80m
Relative accuracy 2-3 cm
Global accuracy 3-30 cm (10 min scan, 1 loop)
Environment Indoor / outdoor
Colour camera
  • Resolution: 1024p x 768p
  • Megapixels: 3.2 MP
  • Max. frame rate: 50 fps
  • FOV horizontal/vertical: 360°
Internal battery Type: Lithium ion
Battery capacity: 36 Wh
Battery life: 40 min scan time
External Battery Type: Lithium ion
Battery capacity: 98Wh
Battery life: 90 min scan time
Dimension 26.7cm (Height); 16.2cm (Diameter); 43-67cm (Extension rod)
Weight 6.4 lbs / 2.9 Kg



  • 1x Paracosm PX-80 LiDAR Scanner
  • 1x Apple iPad mini 4 with protective case and mount
  • 1x Extension pole
  • 3x External battery
  • 1x Dual charger & poer supply
  • 1x International power adaptor
  • 1x 128GB USB drive
  • 1x Hardshell storage case