Geoslam ZEB1 3D laser scanner

Up for sale 2015 Geoslam ZEB1 3D Laser Scanner in perfect working condition.


Sale used Geoslam ZEB1 3D laser scanner in perfect working condition, Manufactured in 2015. Scanner has a calibration certificate from May 2018 since then it was used 2-3 times.
The ZEB1 3D laser scanner is handheld and truely mobile. Using the revolutionary SLAM algorithm, Simultaneous Localization And Mapping, and an inbuilt inertial motion unit (IMU), the ZEB1 can map large and complex areas quickly simply by walking through the area of interest.

Key features:

  • Georeferenced point clouds - GeoSLAM Connect can automatically process and geographically define the location of your scan.
  • Floors - No need for 3rd party CAD software to create planes.
  • Exclusion boundaries - Easy to set and will exclude all data in the volume calculation outside the boundary.
  • Stockpile boundaries and material properties - Calculation of tonnes by using Specific Gravity and Bulk Factor of the material.
  • Alarms - Inventory control through notifying when minimum/maximum volume or height is reached.
  • Advanced filters - The ability to remove infrastructure such as roofs, people, equipment and other elements.
  • Report creation - Can be compiled as a bespoke PDF report or exported as CSV file to other systems such as SCADA systems.


Package includes:

  • 1x GeoSLAM ZEB1 3D Laser Scanner
  • 1x ZEBDL-2600 Data logger
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Battery Charger
  • 1x Interface cable
  • 1x Backpack