FARO ION Laser Tracker

Sell used FARO ION Laser Tracker. E


FARO ION Laser Tracker in excellent condition. This tracker was only used for training classes so it has been used very little.

Purchase includes:

  • Faro Ion Laser Tracker with controller and all necessary cables
  • Tripod for tracker head
  • 1.5 in. Reflector
  • Transit case


The FARO Laser Tracker ION is a high precision, portable coordinate measuring machine that enables you to build products, optimize processes, and deliver solutions by measuring more quickly, simply and precisely. Replacing conventional hand tools such as tape measures, piano wire, plumb bobs, and even theodolites - the ION is a more accurate and reliable tool that allows you to streamline your processes and gain confidence in your measurement results.

When performing applications where the highest precision is crucial, such as in-line measurements, high-speed dynamic measurements, or high-accuracy machine calibration, the ION is a state-of-the-art interferometer (IFM)-based measurement system that provides the high accuracy and range you need to complete your measurement tasks.


  • Dual Distancing Systems: Catch the beam in the air and set the distance instantly with Agile ADM; perform high speed dynamic measurements or high precision in-line measurements with IFM
  • Smart Warm-Up: Accelerates the thermal stabilization time in order to minimize the initial temperature changes’ impact on measurements
  • SelfComp: Automatically tunes Laser Tracker parameters to maintain system accuracy
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Mounts vertically, horizontally or upside down*, providing versatility in tight or congested areas
  • Integrated Precision Level: Establishes orientation with respect to the gravity vector
  • Integrated Weather Station: Monitors and compensates for changes in temperature, air pressure and humidity


Laser Tracker Measuring Head 311(W) x 556(H) mm
Master Control Unit 282(L) x 158(D) x 214(H) mm
Laser Tracker Measuring Head  17.7 kg
Laser Tracker Measuring Head with IFM 19.5 kg


Maximum working range
  • 55 m with select targets
  • 40 m Standard 1.5” & 7/8” SMRs
  • 30 m Standard 1/2” SMR
Minimum working range 0m (0ft)
Horizontal envelope +/- 270°
Vertical envelope 125° (+72.5° to -52.5°)


Altitude -700 to 2,450m (-2,297 to 8,038ft) with integrated weather station
Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing
Operating temperature -15°C to 50°C (5°F to 122°F)

Distance Measurement Performance

  • Resolution: 0.5μm (0.00002in)
  • Accuracy (MPE): 16μm + 0.8μm/m (0.00063in + 0.0000096in/ft)
  • Sample rate: 10,000/sec
  • R0 parameter (MPE): 16μm (0.0006in)
  • Resolution: 0.158μm (0.000006in
  • Accuracy (MPE): 4μm + 0.8μm/m (0.00016in + 0.0000096in/ft)
  • Maximum radial velocity: 4m/sec (13.1ft/sec)
  • R0 parameter (MPE): 16μm (0.00063in)

Angle Measurement Performance

Angular accuracy (MPE) 20μm + 5μm/m (0.00079in + 0.00006in/ft)
Precision level accuracy +/- 2 arcseconds
Maximum angular velocity 180°/sec
Probe Type
Diameter 1.5 in., 0.875 in., or 0.5 in.
Reflector Type Spherically Mounted Retroreflector (SMR)
Sampling Strategy
Acquisition time 1 sec
Frequency 1000 points/sec



FARO ION Laser Tracker Datasheet
FARO ION Laser Tracker User Manual