Faro Focus 3D X 30 Laser Scanner

Sell used Faro Focus 3D X 30 Laser Scanner. Tested in working order.


Up for sale used FARO Focus 3D X 30 is a powerful high-speed 3D scanner for all kinds of applications. Sold in as-is condition with 3 month warranty, and 14 days money back guarantee if you unsatisfied with purchased.

Package includes:

  • FARO Focus3D X 30 Laser Scanner unit
  • External quick charge power supply unit
  • Car adapter power supply
  • Power block battery x 2
  • SD Memory card
  • Memory card case
  • DVD with scene software 5.5
  • Focus quick start guide
  • Panorama quick release with tripod QR
  • Optical cleaning kit
  • Laser scanner with rugged aluminium protection and transport cover
  • Scanner transport and carry case with wheels

X-Series laser scanner for short-range applications
FARO Focus 3D X 30 is a powerful high-speed 3D scanner for all kinds of applications.

The ultra-portable Focus 3D X 30 enables fast, straightforward, and yet accurate measurements of interiors, small façades, complex structures, production and supply facilities and manageable accident sites. Combining the highest precision scanning technology with authentic mobility and ease-of-use, the new device offers reliability, flexibility, and real-time views of recorded data. The 3D scan data can easily be imported into all commonly used software solutions for accident reconstruction, architecture, civil engineering, construction, forensics or industrial manufacturing.

With a battery runtime of 4.5 hours, the laser scanner also has a high level of flexibility and endurance. The Focus’ light weight, small size and SD-card makes the scanner truly mobile.

FARO Focus 3D X 30 is a functional and profitable tool for short-range 3D documentation applications.

One million points/second scanning rate, ease-of-use, portability, scanning ranges up to 30m, very low noise as well as WLAN remote control make it a universal tool for various kinds of working environments.

Short range scanning - up to 30m
The Focus 3D X30 can record data up to 30 meters and is therefore ideal for small and narrow job sites.

Ultimate practicality
The Focus 3D X 30 has been optimized for ultimate practicality. With utmost usability it meets all key requirements for small area 3D documentation projects.

Xtra portable
The Focus 3D X 30 has the size of only 24 x 20 x 10 cm and a weight of just 5.2 kg. Waterproof transportation case and an ergonomic backpack incl. tripod holder make the device truly portable.

Pure scanning
The Focus 3D X 30 captures real geometry with grey-scale imagery. This reduces the total scan time up to 74%, compared with color scanning.

Focus3D X 30 Ferformance Specifications:

Ranging unit

Unambiguity interval By 122 till 488Kpts/sec at 614m; by 976Kpts/sec at 307m
Range Focus3D X 30 0.6m - 30m indoor or outdoor with upright incidence to a 90% reflective surface
Measurement speed (pts/sec) 122,000 / 244,000 / 488,000 / 976,000
Ranging error ±2mm
Ranging noise @ 90% refl.
  • @10m: 0.3mm
  • @10m - noise compressed: 0.15mm
  • @25m: 0.3mm
  • @25m - noise compressed: 0.15mm

@ 10% refl.

  • @10m: 0.4mm
  • @10m - noise compressed: 0.2mm
  • @25m: 0.5mm
  • @25m - noise compressed: 0.25mm


Deflection unit
Field of view (vertical/horizontal) 300° / 360°
Step size (vertical/horizontal) 0.009° (40,960 3D-Pixel on 360°) / 0.009° (40,960 3D-Pixel on 360°)
Max. vertical scan speed 5.820rpm or 97Hz
Laser (optical transmitter)
Laser class Laser class 1
Wavelength 1550nm
Beam divergence Typical 0.19mrad (0,011°) (1/e, halfangle)
Beam diameter at exit Typical 2.25mm (1/e)
Data handling and control
Data storage SD, SDHC, SDXC; 32GB card included
Scanner control Via touchscreen display and WLAN
WLAN access Remote control, scan visualisation are possible on mobile devices with Flash and HTML5
Dual axis compensator Levels each scan: Accuracy 0.015°; Range ± 5°
Height sensor Via an electronic barometer the height relative to a fixed point can be detected and added to a scan.
Compass The electronic compass gives the scan an orientation. A calibration feature is included.
Power supply voltage 19V (external supply); 14.4V (internal battery)
Power consumption 40W and 80W
Battery life 4.5 hours
Ambient temperature 5° - 40°C
Humidity Non-condensing
Cable connector Located in scanner mount
Maintenance / calibration Annual
Dimensions 240 x 200 x 100mm
Weight 5.2 kg