Leica TCRP 1203+ R1000 Total Station

Leica TCRP 1203+ R1000 Total Station for sale, year 2009, still like new, very gently used in excellent ready to working condition.

Leica TCRP 1203+ R1000 Total Station for sale. Manufacture year 2009, very gently used in excellent ready to working condition


  • EDM: R1000 (1000m reflectorless)
  • PowerSearch onboard
  • Pinpoint laser
  • Communication side cover / Bluetooth
  • Standard deviation angle: 3'' / 1mgon
  • Standard deviation range: 1 mm + 1.5 ppm

Software: Survey (measuring), Setup, Stake Out (staking), COGO, Reference Line (Batter), Hidden Point (Hidden Point)

This sale includes everything and ready to survey:

  • Leica TCRP 1203+, 3” Total Station with Pinpoint R1000, ATR, 2 Color Keyboards, Laser Plummet, GSDO1 Communication Side Cover, Standard App’s, Radio Handle, and Carrying Case
  • Handheld Radio Controller
  • Juniper Allegro MX Field Controller with Integrated Radio, color display, Carlson SurvCE 2.6x & Charger
  • Compact Flash Card, 256 MB  MCF256
  • User Manual, English  TPS1200
  • Charger BASIC  GKL211
  • A/C adapter for Charger
  • Cigarette lighter adapter for Charger
  • Computer adapter
  • Lithium Ion Battery  GEB221
  • Extra Lithium Ion Battery  GEB221
  • 1200 to 9 Pin Cable, Leica  WSC
  • Wood Tripod, Leica, with stabilizer
  • Prism Pole  754-389  GLS12F
  • Prism Pole, Leica 12’
  • Prism, Large 360 degree with case   GRZ4
  • Prism, Leica Standard  Large Circular
  • Prism, Leica Mini Prism Kit (standard flat with case & attachments)
  • Allegro Cradle Assembly, Pole Bracket, Plain
  • Pelican Cube Case (24”) Water tight 0370.  Foam completely intact, never used.